Programs and Services

FY 2013 – 2020 Initiatives

The MemeBear Cares Initiative provides emergency financial assistance and support for single parents who love and care for children with Trisomy 18 throughout Michigan.

The Strengthening Young Mothers Initiative provides permanent supportive housing and resources for single parents who love and care for children with severe multiple impairments. The supportive housing will serve as a place for young mothers to live in community and receive supportive services to obtain a piece of their lives back and a peace of mind. Some supportive services will include but not limited to attending workshops (i.e. A Peace of Mind: Embracing Your Present while Aiming for the Future, Taking A Leap: Becoming Courageous Entrepreneurs, Centering: Re-focus to Re-enter the Workforce), coordinating care for the child with disabilities, grief counseling, obtaining employable skills and building a sense of community for living a holistic life.

The Sista to Sista: Let’s Talk Initiative seeks to empower and encourage young women to talk openly about abuse, incest, domestic violence, grief from the loss of a child, and raising a child with severe multiple impairments.

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