Empower Change

Join the Movement…it’s easy as A. B. C!

Be an Advocate! 

Join the Esther Coalition, Inc. by being a voice of passion and taking action to publicly support our initiatives. Meet with a single parent who cares for a child with severe multiple impairment to help them tell their story. Attend board meetings, town hall meetings and disability related events to give testimony of the challenges that single moms and their children face!

Be a Benefactor!

Join the Esther Coalition, Inc. by contributing your time, talents and financial resources to the capital needs, special projects and initiatives that the organization is actively seeking to bring into fruition. Take pride and interest in building up Michigan communities by investing into the lives of loving, diligent single moms who cares for a child with severe multiple impairment.

Be a Community Partner!

Join the Esther Coalition, Inc. by creating sustainable partnerships that will provide a circle of trust, dignity, love and support for a minority population in our country. Let’s set new standards for working together to bridge the economic and emotional gaps that exist for single moms who care for children with severe needs. With community partnerships we will be able to provide coordinated services that do not overlap and/or re-invent quality care for single families that deserve stability and independence.

To personalize your commitment as an Advocate, Benefactor and/or Community Partner, please send an e-mail to egibson@esthercoalition.org.

Thank you in advance for your time, talents and treasures!

Peace and blessings,

Edith L Gibson, Mom to Demetria (T18-M)