Past, Present & Future of the Esther Coalition, Inc. of Michigan

Since May 2001, Edith Gibson, the Founder of the Esther Coalition Incorporated, has facilitated a numerous amount of creative process, financial management, self-esteem, spirituality workshops and small group discussions for young women ages 10+ throughout Minnesota. Ms. Gibson has worked diligently to fulfill the mission of educating and empowering young women in their personal career goals, finances, relationships and self-image.

We are currently organizing new events and programs to build capacity and outreach initiatives to target young women ages 18 to 30 years old to empower and transform these young women to think critically about their existence and life’s contribution to a global society.

We will seek to make a difference by influencing a world problem (i.e. hunger, homelessness, poverty) in our global community by building The Esther House and Retreat Center and The Esther Village. The Esther House and Retreat Center will house a core model for permanent supportive housing and spiritual quietness for young women who are single parents caring for a child or children with severe multiple impairment in Michigan. By August 15, 2020 we will build 20 additional permanent supportive housing communities across the United States and five (5) permanent supportive housing communities in Haiti, Jamaica, El Salvador, Guatemala and the Bahamas.

We need you to plant a seed of hope by donating to the Friendship e-Campaign Fund. You may donate as little as $5 to the Friendship e-Campaign Fund via Your donations will be matched by local Community Foundations, other social service agencies and Fortune 500 companies that support and promote self-sufficiency and financial literacy for young women and their families.

If you live in the State of Michigan and you are interested in becoming an active Board Member and you are able to commit 4-8 hours a month, please send a letter of interest and resume via e-mail to

All donations are tax-deductible and a letter of acknowledgement will be e-mailed immediately upon receipt of donations to the Friendship e-Campaign Fund.